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Our Customers

Trill takes the hassle out of business contacts management.
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"Trill solved the problem!"

Phillip Blackerby

Blackerby Associates, Inc.
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"I can quickly and easily followup with any contact any time"

Denise Majors

Founder of Moves That Matter
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"Trill Cards take the awkward exchange of business cards out of the equation"

Jason Ruff

CEO of Go Bottles LLC

GO Bottles LLC

My name is Jason Ruff and I am the founder and CEO of GO Bottles LLC. We have beautifully designed vacuum insulated bottles that keep your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold and are perfectly suited for a life on the go.

The design and purchase of business cards are a pain-point for a boot strapped company as we were forced to weigh the high costs of developing a truly unique business card, which despite our best efforts most likely end up in the trash can; or printing minimalistic cards and risk getting lost in the shuffle or end up buried in someone’s desk collecting dust. Unfortunately, business cards are (wait…where!) an inescapable part of building our brand recognition and trying to capture new leads and make new contacts.

Trill business cards take the awkward exchange of business cards out of the equation when first meeting a new client and/or networking contact and allow us to do what we love the most, engage our listener, focus on the conversation, and capture the contact information in a fast and easy capture that is sure to spark a conversation on technology and show that you are beyond the archaic exchange of paper.

But wait, there’s more.

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Instacreate with LinkedIn. One tap.Have your card ready in no time

Download Trill and sign in via LinkedIn to automatically create
your first card - predesigned and up to date.

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Everyone - In context Personalized notes and tags for every contact

Organize your contacts - the way you would in real life through personalized tags and notes. So the next time you need to find “The Contact” you met at an event, you can look up the contact easily.

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Auto-sync. Everything. Because your card is not only smart but also clever.

All the information on the cards you send and receive on Trill is alive. It changes with you as you switch jobs, change
addresses and live your life.

Update your card details, and your information autoupdates
across all the shares you’ve made using that card. No more
outdated contact information.

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