Make a Splash in Sales With These Technology Tools


The modern day sales team has more expectations placed on them than ever. Growth hackers and inbound marketing means sales needs to be quicker and more efficient, while still maintaining the personal touch with hundreds of thousands of leads. To stay competitive, you have to move beyond the popular sales tools like Salesforce and find ways to make personal connections that scale.

Seem like a tall order? Fortunately, we’ve got some out of the box ideas that will help you stay ahead of the pack and up your sales game.

Rethink the Follow-up with BombBomb

How would you like to see a 200-300% increase in your email click-through rates? Including video in your emails has shown to increase engagement and generate more interest in your product or service—and BombBomb has made it incredibly easy to shoot and send short videos no matter your comfort level.

BombBomb has become the hottest sales enablement for folks looking for the next big thing. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows you to record and send video from anywhere to follow up with prospects quickly.

For example, let’s say a potential customer reaches out via email with a few  questions. Instead of typing out a long-winded reply or playing phone tag, respond with a quick video walking through the answers. Or perhaps you run into a happy current customer at a conference who is raving to you about their experience. With BombBomb, you could record a short testimonial that could be easily send out to prospects that are on the fence.

BombBomb is the ideal sales tool to make those critical connections when you can’t be there in person. Plus, the nature of the quick video feels more authentic due to the lack of rehearsal. If you want to leave customers feeling impressed, get ahead of the curve with video messaging.  Provide a short demo of a particular aspect of your tool or service.

No Email Falls Through the Cracks with Boomerang

Inbox zero doesn’t need to be a mythical unicorn only achieved after a weekend of combing through your emails. Boomerang helps you manage your inbox in a unique way—by taking messages out of your inbox until you are actually in need of them.

Instead of letting starred emails get buried by a few weeks of additional communication, click the Boomerang button and select a date for when you need to see it. The message will be archived until the date you selected, at which time the email will come back into your inbox, marked as unread, starred or put at the top of your message list.

Additionally, Boomerang makes delayed follow-up a breeze. When a prospect asks you to check back in a few weeks, Boomerang it. Waiting on a few pieces of additional information from a prospect? Ask Boomerang to notify you in a few days if nobody replies. With Boomerang, you enjoy less noise in your inbox and fewer messages slipping through the cracks.

Never Lose a Potential Client with Trill Cards

While CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot are a great way to store contact details like name, email, and phone, we all know there’s a lot more to a person than that and how do you collect them?—which is why having a tool like Trill Cards comes in handy. As with many of the tools we’ve shared, Trill Cards is another way to make a deeper connection with your prospects by managing their detail information right on your phone.

 In-spite of spending time and money on designing and printing something unique, your physical business card is unlikely to leave a distinct impression or forge a personal connection. In fact, 88% of business cards find their way to the wastebasket in a week or less. That’s a lot of missed opportunities and potential business lost to competitors if you aren’t able to keep track of your contacts.

Enter Trill Cards, the digital equivalent of having dozens of stunning business cards customized with the contact information most relevant to their preferred communication channels. Gone are the days of the awkward handoff; instead, impress a potential future client by sending your business card via sound to their smartphone! Setting up your card takes only a few minutes, as the app has lots of pre-built templates you can customize to your heart’s content. You can create several different versions of your card to target various types of contacts.  Trill Cards increases the likelihood your card will be reviewed again and again as these cards are always available on your phone.

img-notes Even better? The app allows you to take notes on contacts right from your phone, so you don’t have to worry about hunting down a pen, limiting your notes to the back of a business card, and then hoping you don’t lose the card in the laundry. Plus, if you change jobs or companies, the cards automatically update with your new information, avoiding the cost of a reprint or embarrassment over having to ask for a card back with bad information. On top of that, Trill Cards app allows you to access your CRM and manage your contacts with a tap of your finger—like carrying around your sales office in your pocket.

Always Be Available with Ruby Receptionists

67% of inbound mobile call customers have reported hanging up in frustration after not being able to reach a real person. That’s business lost to competitors if you aren’t able to answer your phone.

Of course, making sure you answer every call isn’t realistic either—which is where Ruby Receptionists comes in. Ruby is a team of live, remote receptionists that ensure 100% of your calls are answered by a friendly, professional person—at a fraction of the cost of an in-house headcount. Their focus on personal connections and not on scripts means your callers listened to and treated as individuals. In addition to making you look good, this also results in more detailed information gathering that results in a more informed follow-up conversation for you.

Plus,  you can receive calls (or not) at your office, home, cell or wherever you’re working for the day. On top of that, their mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to access your call activity and manage your call-handling instructions with a tap of your finger.

Technology should enhance your work—not replace it

The sales tools of the modern era may subsist on technology and access to the cloud, but the true driver behind a successful sales team is the ability to make personal connections. All the tools we’ve shared focus on enhancing this quality, as opposed to throwing it to the wayside. After all, at the end of the day, people want to do business with people.

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