Frequently Asked Questions

Trill is a an easy way to integrate all your contacts into your Salesforce CRM.
Trill is designed for quick and easy card sharing between people in the same place. Just tap the red button with the bird, and watch the card appear on your friend’s phone. You do not have to carry a big stack of cards with you, and you will never run out of cards, ever! Best of all, your contact’s information is never outdated. It is all automagically synched up. Leave the card management to us!
Because the regular modes are tedious. Trill doesn’t require you to pair devices like Bluetooth or BLE. Unlike adding phone contacts, you don’t have to punch in numbers. Or type in anyone’s address for sending email. Unlike instant messaging clients, you don’t have to add recipients. To share business cards, you don’t need to be friends on Facebook, or to follow each other on Twitter, or be connected on LinkedIn.